Rolleiflex Portra 800 film

Unedited scans from one roll of Kodak Portra 800 film shot on a Rolleiflex TLR film camera lent to me by the man Si of www.baylymoore.comExciting stuff shooting film! I feared that I might have a roll of nothing, but I'm happy with my first experiments and I'm excited to develop more B&W films soon. Already addicted I think.rolle-9-E089741-R1-08-9rolle-6-E089741-R1-05-6 rolle-5-E089741-R1-04-5 rolle-7-E089741-R1-06-7 rolle-8-E089741-R1-07-8rolle-4-E089741-R1-03-4 rolle-10-E089741-R1-09-10 rolle-11-E089741-R1-10-11 rolle-12-E089741-R1-11-12rolle-2-E089741-R1-01-2 rolle-3-E089741-R1-02-3rolle-1-E089741-R1-00-1