Balu Pass and Beyond


Even though Rory didn't keep to the contracted leaving time (two hours late) haha... yesterday was still and epic tour in Rogers Pass with Keith, Rory and a couple more. We toured straight up Balu Pass and then carried on behind and skied down to the highway. I've not been getting out touring too much lately and am not very tour fit, so was wrecked by the end of the day. Here are some photos from the journey. Merry Christmas people. Not Balu Pass but sunset from Revelstoke resort the other day

My not so light tour set up along with my computer fitness makes for a slow mickey


Rory with the other waiting up above

Snow and a spot on my sensor I need cleaned.....

Rory getting Radical, down climbing to the slope

Keith shredding, the only action shot of the day

Walk walk

  Sun getting low before the descent

Finally down!

Mt Sir Donald


Sun light glimpsing Mt Sir Donald as it sets on another powdery day in Rogers

Getting dark as we reach the highway. Tired, cold, hungry, happy