From Summer to the Asulkan


In the last month I've gone from mountain biking and hiking to hiking and skiing. The hiking pics below are from the Hermit hike in Rogers Pass, where a month later we would be skiing knee deep pow at the same elevation. Oh Canada....

Nath, the local champ on a bike

Britt came back!

The hike team

Alpine lake Hermit Hike bout 2500m

What does that say? Mt Sir Donald in the Back

Mt Sir Donald

Britt keeping warm

This past week I was back up at the Asulkan Hut with a rad crew.. Mike and Dennis lugged there instruments and talent all the way up for extra good night times


The hut from Upstairs


Giant Feather


Leslie and Sean

First photo from a pretty sweet timelapse taken

Down in Revy Autumn is fully on, with leaves everywhere

Revelstoke Long exposure looking at the Courthouse across the Columbia River - Revelstoke

Burn offs?

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