Land of Colour and Life – Mexico

Some photos from my week long adventure in Mexico while I was visting my friend Eduardo. Eduardo was an amazing guide taking me to places I would never think to go as a tourist. I was amazed at the friendly nature of all the Mexicans. I felt a little invasive with my camera but realised after a while that most people actually liked getting photos taken. We spent the first couple of days in Gualarahara and then headed to the coast where we stayed in San Blas and then headed down to the tourist spot Puerto Vallarta for some relax and party time and then back to Gualarahara. That’s me above looking relaxed after a few of these:

EduardoMy Mexican Brother Eduardo

This guy was collecting foreign notes and coins but we didn’t have any to give him. Eduardo and him worked out he used to work for Eduardos grandmother.

He had freaky long nails.

Cultural visits to the library and Market in Guadalajara

Hitting the road to the West Coast

We visited a Pool Hall in Tepic on the way.

Mickey Ross Mexico (2)

Mickey Ross Mexico (1)

Mickey Ross Mexico (3)

Mickey Ross Mexico (5)

Mickey Ross Mexico (6)

Mickey Ross Mexico (7)
Wylie and Eduardo

San Blas Mexico - Mickey RossFirst site of the coast and San Blas where we would spent the night on the beach getting eaten alive by gnarly invisible mosquitoes.

Mickey Ross Mexico (8)

This guy told us ( to Eduardo in Spanish and translated to me ) the gossip of the town which included his work colleague who chased a guy with a gun cos he was sleeping with his wife.

Mickey Ross Mexico (10)
Town hang out

Mickey Ross Mexico (9)

Mickey Ross Mexico (11)

The random Banana harvesting factory we visted. (photo on left by Eduardo) Looked like a pretty sweet setup. Beers and seafood while (taking turns) working

I liked his T-Shirt because I had just seen Radio Head at Coachella

Mickey Ross Mexico (13)

Mickey Ross Mexico (15)
Small town street side shops

Mickey Ross Mexico (16)
We meet a random guy who took us to a sweet swimming hole and then a waterfall.

Mickey Ross Mexico (17)

Mickey Ross Mexico (18)
On the way back from swimming we joined a local soccer game. Wylie scored a goal after 5 seconds play.

Mickey Ross Mexico (19)
I don’t think they liked her…?

Mickey Ross Mexico (20)
Awkward team photo.

Mickey Ross Mexico (21)

Mickey Ross Mexico (22)

Mickey Ross Mexico (23)

Our random guide took us back to his place to meet his Mother and Father. She was way nice, offering us all sorts of food and wanting us to stay….