I’ve been in Whistler for the last month, hanging out living in a somewhat interesting place with all the critters of Whistler… been good times so have decided to stay! First place was just for a month so have just moved into a sweet new place with more cool peps -Thanks Izzy and Jeff. Have been cruising round on Pinky my sweet ride. Pretty funny (and scary) slaying single track on the Laser Robotic as she’s called. Looking forward to a real mountain bike (sorry pinky) and good times all summer!
Whistler 2011 (8)

Whistler 2011 (3)


Whistler 2011 (1)

Whistler 2011 (12)

The Train Wreck. Def want to come back here and shoot some MTB shots!

Whistler 2011 (2)

Trees everywhere here getting in the way of sunsets… :)

Whistler 2011 (4)

WM Bike now open for business..

Whistler 2011 (5)

Squirrel hanging in my room.

Whistler 2011 (6)

“Mum he’s riding a pink bike!”

Whistler 2011 (7)

The “Laser Robotic” (Pinky)

Whistler 2011 (9)

Whistler 2011 (10)

Whistler 2011 (11)


I’ve been wanting to build a non flash full screen slideshow for a while, so thought with a little time on my hands, now was as good a time as ever. Took a selection of photos from the past winter and added some music. Click on the image below to check it out.
Slideshow Canada 2010/11